*A look back at the programme from 2017 – you can expect a similar format with just as much opportunity for conversation, challenge and coffee! More details of content and themes as we begin to confirm contributors…

FRIDAY – Conversations around ENCOUNTER
A full day with worship throughout curated by Stewart Cutler.
   Registration from 09.30am
   Close at 5pm

Three sessions with two speakers sharing on the same topic and space for discussion, questions and reflection:

1. Experiencing God…
Dave Csinos and Bex Lewis on the opportunities our children and young people currently have to experience something of God in their lives.
2. Encounter through creativity
Beth Barnett and Regan O’Callaghan asking if we might all meet God through a rediscovered innate creativity? Could younger generations help us to experience God?
3. Encounter through difference
Henry Zonio and Murray Wilkinson ask how we might help our children and young people to embrace difference as not only God-given but also a guide for us to experience God?

A fourth session titled Conversation Space where all are invited to share insights, ideas and questions

A chance to eat and relax together
Arrive from 6.45pm for 7pm start

more details to follow soon

SATURDAY – Conversations around RHYTHM
Another full and varied day with worship curated by Stewart Cutler throughout. In the morning two more sessions with speakers, questions and reflection.
   Registration from 09.30am
   Close at 5pm

1. The rhythm of life
Tim Scarborough will lead a session on encountering God through the rhythm of life.
2. Life giving rhythms
Beth Barnett and Dave Csinos will help us explore the life-giving rhythms that bring us into an encounter with God.

Then the afternoon will consist of a number of short presentations in the style of Pecha Kucha, each of which will have a subsequent breakout to explore the ideas in more depth.
Short presentation titles:

  • Rhythm through the years;
  • Rhythm of family;
  • Rhythm through ‘ministry of presence’;
  • Rhythm ‘on the edge’;
  • Rhythm of laughter;
  • Rhythm of hospitality;
  • Rhythm through community