While we are putting our 2020 programme together, here is the programme from 2018..

FRIDAY – Conversations around FAITH FORMATION
A full day with worship throughout

How do we enable Faith Formation?
A day spent exploring what ‘faith formation’ means for ministry with children and young people. Day 1 of The Conversation will include some thinking on what an ‘intergenerational approach’ to ministry might bring to the conversation; what effect our choice of language has on how faith is or isn’t formed; and how our times of gathered worship play into the process. The day will be, as expected, an interwoven mix of conversations; including presentations, ‘open space’ where anyone can offer a way to talk about how faith is formed and an evening event focusing on the art of storytelling.

Registration from 09.30am
Close at 5pm

Three sessions with two speakers sharing on the same topic and space for discussion, questions and reflection:

1. Why worry about words?
Neville Emslie and Anne Richards
What effect does our language have on how faith is formed within our communities of faith? Do we ask questions that encourage, challenge and shape that faith forming process? What if our stories and theology were intimately interwoven to help generations explore faith together?

2. Why do ministry intergenerationally?
John Roberto and Gail Adcock
If we desire to see younger generations exploring faith for themselves we need to consider where they will encounter God, how they are encouraged explicitly and implicitly to engage with faith and what role an interaction between generations might offer that process.

3. And then we gathered…
Ian MacDonald and Dean Pusey
Our communities are often defined and described by the way in which they gather to worship. What does that gathering offer to the process faith formation? We may need to critique the nature of those gatherings in our aspiration to be communities of faith for people of all ages, bank accounts and colours.

A fourth session titled “Conversation Space” where all are invited to share insights, ideas and questions

A chance to eat and relax together
Arrive from 6.45pm for 7pm start
Andrew McDonough and Beth Barnett will lead a storytelling masterclass on how to use stories and storytelling for adults, beyond merely just ‘for children’.

more details to follow soon

SATURDAY – Conversations around COMMUNITY
The conversation about reimagining ministry with children and young people inevitably includes a need to explore the community within which that ministry is envisioned. How do we imagine our communities and what needs reimagining for them to be places where faith formation across and between generations is evident? Not merely in what is planned, programmed and put on but in the attitudes and actions of the members of that community. How would we know that a community is more interested in the forming of faith for all of its members than its own survival?

Another full and varied day with worship throughout. In the morning two more sessions with speakers, questions and reflection.
Registration from 09.30am
Close at 5pm

1. “From conquer and capture to nurture and release”
Andrew McDonough and Yvonne Morris
How can a community embrace an undefended, even risky, culture that nurtures a formation of faith without expectation or judgement? What would it look like for a community to focus not on its own success or sustainability but the deep exploring of faith of all its members?

2. Seeing the community beyond our walls
Alison Webster and Mike Harrowing
It is an oft expressed intention, even a stated reality that churches exist for those who live and work beyond its walls. Is this really possible? Are there systemic attitudes or actions that make this more less possible? Are there opportunities beyond our church buildings and church gatherings to see ministry between and across generations in action?

Then the afternoon will consist of a number of short presentations in the style of Pecha Kucha, each of which will have a subsequent workshop to explore the ideas in more depth.
Topics include:
Bringing church to church ¦ Faith Forming Environments ¦ Gathered, edgy community ¦ Being in community ¦ A journey towards intergen ¦ Because God…
Presented by:
Lucy Bolster, John Roberto, Gemma Dunning, Jasmine Yeboah, Phil Greig, Beth Barnett