These are just a few of our contributors for The Conversation in 2018 who will be helping us have good conversations…

JOHN ROBERTOThere is just not another John Roberto. He serves Vibrant Faith as the project coordinator for our Certificate and Innovation Labs programs. In addition, John is a sought after speaker and workshop leader.

There is no one who comes at the process of the formation of faith with such an extensive grasp of past and current research AND a vision for the future. We are so grateful to have him giving those insights to you through Vibrant Faith. John’s publications include books, articles, and his own Lifelong Faith Journal.

John has been and continues to be an innovator in Catholic Religious Education and Youth Ministry. John is best known for his practical application of the vision and theory for ministry with and for people of all ages and stages in their lifelong growth in faith with a particular expertise in formation praxis for youth in the teen age years. He founded the Northeast Center for Youth Ministry, later knows as the Center for Youth Ministry Development that continues today as the Center for Ministry Development. More recent endeavors have focused on strategies for implementing a vision for lifelong faith formation and developing ministry approaches for the 21st Century.

John is married to Linda, and they have three adult children and three grandchildren.

bethBeth Barnett is a post-colonial, post-Christendom, post-modern Australian practitioner, teacher, artist and resource writer. Thinking about, theologising, facilitating and advocating for children and families, as both vulnerable and vibrant participators in the community of the cosmos, of which Jesus is the resurrected and revealed Lord, has been at the heart of Beth’s service in pastoral, local mission and denominational consulting roles. She is currently completing a doctorate in New Testament studies, reconsidering the hermeneutical marginalization of ‘images of the child’ in Pauline literature, and discourses of maturity, development and power.

Beth blogs at multivocality: “some people know me as a musician, some as a teacher, some as an advocate and resourcer in Children and Families ministry and mission. Some people know me as a prophet, some a theologian, some a writer. The people I care most about in the world know me as a mum, a wife, a sister, a friend. I guess it depends where we met on the journey…I hope to you, whoever you are, I am a fellow traveller, who walks the path of peace and an agent of grace.”

BEX LEWISAndrew McDonough
Andrew McDonough is the author and illustrator of the popular Lost Sheep stories used in churches and schools around the world. Andrew belongs to the WestCare community, an inner city mission working amongst the homeless, supporting people struggling with addictions and advocating for refugees. He regularly visits school & churches to tell stories, conduct workshops, preach and lead all-age worship services. His passion is to provide high quality biblical storytelling resources to children’s workers, pastors and parents. His 32 books include Cecil the Lost Sheep, The Image of God, and his latest title Jesus was a Refugee. Andrew’s Australian, trained as a Baptist Pastor, married to Roslyn and they have three adult children.
You’ll find Andrew’s stories at

stewartStewart Cutler is a husband, dad, stepdad, son, brother…

Stuart returns to curate our worship across both days of The Conversation. He is also a Youth and Children’s Work Trainer with over 20 years of experience working with volunteers, students and professionals in the Christian Church and in communities around Scotland. And happens to be an ordained minister with the United Reformed Church.