What is The Conversation?

Sometimes things take a long time to come to birth. That’s true of The Conversation – it’s had a gestation of over 4 years and at last it’s almost here.So where were the beginnings?

cynkc Back in May 2012, an innovative conference took place in Washington, DC. Children, Youth and a New Kind of Christianity brought together 450 leaders from 7 countries and over two dozen denominations. They promised innovative practices, critical issues, and controversial topics like violence, racism, and sexuality. Lured by a stunning speaker line up (Brian McLaren, John Westerhoff, Dave Csinos, Ivy Beckwith, Joyce Mercer, Shaine Claiborne, Almeida Wright) a small group from the UK crossed the ocean to see what the buzz was all about.

What we found were people committed to finding new ways of engaging children and young people in innovative ways around faith. People who wanted to talk about taking risks rather than the next best product. People who sensed that ‘the way we’ve always done it’ was no longer good enough – it was time for change.

We came back, keen to share what we’d learned but unsure how to do it. So we started talking….and talking.

faithforwardTwo years later, Faith Forward gathered in Nashville and again, we were fired up by what we heard, but still unsure how to bring it back to the UK.

And then we realised – we needed to do what we’d been involved in. We needed to take a risk, to see if there were others across the UK who also felt that something new needed to emerge in ministry with children and young people. We needed a place where we could ask questions, listen to the Spirit, engage with emerging expressions of church.

cropped-cropped-cropped-convo_white1.jpgAnd The Conversation was born.

We’re excited and scared and anxious and eager to see where God will lead us.

Come and join us! Be part of the Conversation, be part of the change we need to see, be part of a risky, exciting, unique gathering, seeking out the new paths God wants us to tread. Be with us for the birth.

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